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MICROSENS System Catalog Industrial Solutions available as PDF-Download (2,2 MB).

Product brochure - Profi Line Modular Series

This brochure gives you an overview about our Industrial Profi Line Modular Series.


Industrial Solutions - High availability in harsh environments

Network technology has become since indispensable in rail transportation, traffic control technology and in industrial environments long ago. Robust and reliable products from MICROSENS guarantee secure data transmission even under adverse conditions.

The Ethernet ring technology developed by MICROSENS permits the setup of redundant ring structures in Ethernet networks. The ultra-fast protection mechanism provides short reaction time for mission critical and fail sensitive applications. The physical ring structure optimizes cabling demands and helps to save costs for optical cables.

The devices of the Profi Line range have been designed for specific applications that are prone to failure. The devices have a protective mechanism patented by MICROSENS which permits the assembly of a fault-tolerant fiber optic ring. The Entry Line and Entry Line compact products range offers highest efficiency regarding cost and functionality.

Industrial Profi Line Modular

GBE Base Switch
GBE Expansion Modules
Profi Line + GBE Switch

Industrial Profi Line Rack

25 Port GBE Profi Line Rack Switch

Industrial Profi Line

GBE & FE Switches
Media Converters / Bridges
Fiber Protection Switch
Power Supplies

Industrial Entry Line

GBE / FE Switches
Converter & Bridges
VDSL Extender
Device Server
PoE Injector

Industrial Entry Line compact

Converter & Bridges
PoE Injector

Ruggedized Micro Switches

Micro Switch hor.
Micro Switch ver.