Building Network

Building Network

Networking solutions for the modern building

Future-proof networking infrastructure for modern office environments

Originally only used in the backbone area, fiber optics is now widely seen in the office and intranet area. The integration of data, telephony and video guarantees long-term investment security. 

The Fiber To The Office (FTTO) concept developed by MICROSENS enables such networks to be implemented in both a flexible and cost-effective manner. 

Under the name „Enterprise” MICROSENS developed a product line of switches, converters, transceivers, adapter cards which fully complies with the market requirements regarding the pricing and the availability.

Fiber To The Office (FTTO) – future proof, energy-efficient, economical

Fiber To The Office (FTTO) is a standard-compliant and decentralised cabling-concept for modern office environments. It combines the advantages of highly efficient fiber optic technology with the flexibility of twisted pair cabling. In contrast to the established structured cabling network (SCN), FTTO additionally employs future proof fiber optic cables for riser cabling and horizontal wiring. Copper cabling is exclusively used to connect terminal equipment like workstations, VoIP phones or IP cameras. As a result, the MICROSENS Micro Switches offer rich power management functions like Power-over-Ethernet and Energy-Efficient Ethernet. With MICROSENS Fiber To The Office enterprises profit from a highly cost-effective networking infrastructure that offers flexibility, protects investments and reduces life-cycle costs.


Enterprise Products - Devices for the future safe integration of present and future peripherals

Under the name „Enterprise” MICROSENS developed a product line which fully complies with the market requirements regarding the pricing and the availability. The mainstream of all the products in this product group is an easy and cost efficient access of copper based end devices to a fiber optic network.

The comprehensive portfolio of the “Enterprise” group includes standard solutions for Gigabit and Fast Ethernet as well as media converters for serial interfaces e. g. RS-232 / 422 / 485 and DVI/HDMI interfaces. Beside this there are also multimode/single mode converters and PoE-Injectors available.


  • Cost efficient access of end devices to fiber optic networks
  • Comprehensive product line from Gigabit Media converters to HDMI converters
  • Support of the Power-over-Ethernet Standard 802.3af
  • Easy and quick installation of devices 
  • Compact designs