Outdoor Wifi Coverage

Outdoor WiFi Coverage

Decentralized switches for WiFi and 5G area coverage

Reliable communication and high-performance data exchange are the prerequisites for mobile applications. Whether Smartphone, IoT applications, Smart City or autonomous driving - they all require a comprehensive, seamless supply with high data rates. WiFi and 5G provide the necessary bandwidth. They need a powerful infrastructure to transmit the enormous amounts of data.

The compact Ruggedized Micro Switches from MICROSENS are the ideal solution for the economical realisation of area-wide networks whose infrastructures do not justify the investment in Industrial Ethernet components, but do not get along with standard components. At the same time, they offer exactly the functions of Industrial Ethernet that are also required for WiFi coverage, star and ring topology, as well as decentralized intelligence for increased reliability. If the central connection fails, the Ruggedized Mirco Switch switches off the Power-over-Ethernet supply and thus the connected access point. In this way, the end devices can automatically connect to another access point and maintain communication. In connection with a central WiFi controller, only the access points are authenticated as network devices, then the entire data stream of the end devices is transmitted via tunneling and managed by the central WiFi controller. Complex, time-consuming authentication of each individual terminal device is no longer necessary.

Of course, ruggedized micro switches also take into account the special requirements of 5G. Due to the picocell structure, the fifth mobile radio generation requires a high packing density of antennas in a wide range. Network-capable antennas with IP connection require therefore decentralized switches with PoE such as the ruggedized micro switches for high-performance connection to the fiber optic network and power supply via the data line. MICROSENS switches already offer today the solutions for tomorrow's requirements.


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