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Home Page

  • Photo: “Header Abstraktes Kontaktsymbol vor Nebelhintergrund”; Home Page: www.microsens.com; Quelle: iStock©Rocco-Herrmann_1288983114-iStock.com
  • Photo: “Header Architektur blueprint Projekt Hintergrund mit 3D-Gebäude Modell”; Home Page: www.microsens.com; Quelle: iStock©Maxiphoto_452589487-iStock.com
  • Photo: “Header Smart Building Solutions”; Home Page: www.microsens.com; Quelle: iStock©RudyBalask_480121794-iStock.com
  • Photo: “Header Light+Building Frankfurt”; Home Page: www.microsens.com; Quelle: iStock©eugenesergeev_541127104-iStock.com
  • Photo: “Header Enterprise Networks”; Home Page: www.microsens.com; Quelle: iStock©anyaberkut_874394662-iStock.com
  • Photo: “Header Industrial Ethernet”; Home Page: www.microsens.com; Quelle: iStock©cozyta_496402539-iStock.com
  • Photo: “Header Metro Networks”; Home Page: www.microsens.com; Quelle: iStock©Yongyuan Dai_596065956-iStock.com
  • Photo: “Outdoor WiFi Illumination”; Home Page: www.microsens.com; Quelle: iStock©WenjieDong_930116004-iStock.com
  • Photo: “Medical Micro Switch”; Home Page: www.microsens.com; Quelle: Fotolia©111568681_XL-Fotolia.com
  • Photo: “Robust Network Technology”; Home Page: www.microsens.com; Quelle: Fotolia©42945876_M-Fotolia.com
  • Photo: “Building Network - Fiber to the Office”; Home Page: www.microsens.com; Quelle: iStock©anyaberkut_874394662-Fotolia.com
  • Photo: “Events & Termine - LANLINE Tech Forum Berlin”; Home Page: www.microsens.com; Quelle: iStock©LeoPatrizi_636008560-iStock.com
  • Photo: „Footer Contact us“; Home Page www.microsens.com; Quelle: iStock© scyther5_ 840610814-iStock.com
  • Photo: „Footer Support“; Home Page www.microsens.com; Quelle: iStock© NiroDesign_ 879441788-iStock.com
  • Photo: „Poland Blue Map“; Home Page www.microsens.com; Quelle: iStock© inkoly_1167647269-iStock.com

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Application levels:

Photo: „Header Application levels“; Page company/company; Quelle: iStock© johnason_ 545558738-iStock.com


Photo: „Header Locations“; Page company/company; Quelle: iStock© malerpaso _ 174976811 -iStock.com


Photo: „Header Career“; Page company/company; Quelle: iStock© Rawpixel _ 495059991 -iStock.com

Certificates & General Terms and Conditions:

Photo: "Header Certificates & General Terms and Conditions"; Page company/company; Quelle: iStock@Parradee Kietsirikul_1336021984-istock.com


Photo: "Dropdown menu"; Page company; Quelle: iStock©-949514420 -iStock.com


Press Releases

Photo: „Header Press Releases“; Page company/press-events; Quelle: iStock© noipornpan_ 972919210-iStock.com


Photo: “Events - LANLINE Tech Forum Berlin”; Page company/press-events; Quelle: iStock©sborisov_ 896068164-iStock.com

Photo: “Events - LANLINE Tech Forum Berlin”; Page company/press-events; Quelle: iStock©LeoPatrizi_636008560-iStock.com

Photo: “Events - SIMI - Salon de l'immobilier d'entreprise”; Page company/press-events; Quelle: iStock© lovro77_ 85387857-iStock.com

Photo: “Events - IBS Paris”; Page company/press-events; Quelle: Fotolia© 33704168_L-Fotolia.com

Brochures / Catalogues

Photo: „Header Brochures/Catalogues“; Page company/publications/brochures-/-catalogues; Quelle: iStock© Kwangmoozaa _ 848592420-iStock.com

White Papers

Photo: „Header White Papers“; Page company/publications/white-papers; Quelle: iStock© dtimiraos _ 182496998-iStock.com

Success Stories

Photo: „Success Story Viborg Amtsgymnasium in Denmark; three students together“; Page company/publications/success-stories; Quelle: iStock© AntonioGuillem-828463842-iStock.com

Photo: „Success Story City Hall Leipzig“; Page company/publications/success-stories; Quelle: iStock© TommL_ 172758080-iStock.com

Photo: „Success Story 'Westfleisch'“; Page company/publications/success-stories; Quelle: iStock© IP Galanternik D.U._154961464-iStock.com

Photo: „Success Story Mailand“; Page company/publications/success-stories; Quelle: iStock© IP Luneberg_521270990-iStock.com

Photo: „Success Story the Eiffel Tower “; Page company/publications/success-stories; Quelle: iStock© PobladuraFCG_909681278-iStock.com

Photo: „Success Story Public WiFi Hamburg_Skyline “; Page company/publications/success-stories; Quelle: iStock© Fabiano Waewell_1086102202-iStock.com

Photo: „Success Story Public WiFi Hamburg_Free WiFi “; Page company/publications/success-stories; Quelle: iStock© phive2015_507719694-iStock.com

Photo: „Success Story Charité“; Page company/publications/success-stories; Quelle: mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Charité

All other reference pictures courtesy of the respective business partners

Application Notes

Photo: „Header Application Notes“; Page company/publications/application-notes; Quelle: iStock© SimFan _ 90895071-iStock.com

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 Photo: „Header Background product series“; Page product; Quelle: iStock© Kritchanut_ 485373526-iStock.com

Other product pictures © Microsens GmbH & Co. KG

On-Site Service

Photo: „On-Site Service“; Page product/on-site-service; Quelle: iStock© kjekol _ 670988516-iStock.com

Training Services

Photo: „Training Services“; Page product/training-services; Quelle: iStock© vm_ 614715418-iStock.com

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Digital Schools

Photo: „Headerbild“; Page digital-schools; Quelle: iStock©vadimguzhva _674238048-iStock.com

Photo: „School building“; Page digital-schools; Quelle: iStock©Onfokus _172990015-iStock.com

Photo: „Students with headset in the classroom“; Page digital-schools; Quelle: iStock©fstop123_543323650-iStock.com

Photo: "Kids and girl with glasses at laptop"; Page digital-schools; Quelle: iStock©LSOphoto _1074987286-iStock.com

Photo: "Teacher with pupils in the classroom"; Page digital-schools; Quelle: iStock©skynesher _1091226520-iStock.com

Photo: "Modern classroom with blue chairs"; Page digital-schools; Quelle: iStock©Onurdongel _1216453954-iStock.com

DC Lighting

Photo: „Solar panels outdoor“; Page solutions/applications/DC-lighting; Quelle: iStock© zhongguo _1032683612-iStock.com

Building Network

Photo: „Header Building Network“; Page solutions/applications/building-network; Quelle: iStock© anyaberkut _ 874394662-iStock.com

Building Automation

Photo: "Header Building Automation"; Page solutions/applications/building-automation; Quelle:iStock© RudyBalasko_480121794-iStock.com

Outdoor IP Video Network

Photo: "Outdoor IP Video Network"; Page solutions/applications/outdoor-ip-video-network; Quelle:iStock© alxpin_175000219-iStock.com

Workplace Networking

Photo: „Header Workplace Networking“; Page solutions/applications/workplace-neworking; Quelle: iStock© Pekic _ 499688438-iStock.com

Logo: “WIK-Consult”; Page solutions/applications/workplace-neworking; Quelle: Courtesy of © WIK-Consult

Case Study Photo: „Leipzig New City Hall“; Page solutions/applications/workplace-neworking; Quelle: iStock© TommL_ 172758080-iStock.com

Metro Networks (MAN / WAN)

Photo: „Header Metro Networks (MAN / WAN)“; Page solutions/applications/metro-networks-man-/-wan; Quelle: iStock© zhudifeng _ 688841352-iStock.com

Data Center Coupling

Photo: „Header Data Center Coupling“; Page solutions/applications/data-center-coupling; Quelle: iStock© scanrail _ 855337312-iStock.com

Photo: „Data Center 3 d server room “; Page solutions/applications/data-center-coupling; Quelle: iStock© loveguli _ 869933132-iStock.com

Industrial Networks

Photo: „Header Industrial Networks “; Page solutions/applications/industrial-networks; Quelle: Fotolia© 42945876_M -Fotolia.com


Photo: "Dropdown menu"; Page solutions; Quelle: iStock© alexsl_1010642006 -iStock.com

Public Sector

Photo: „Header Public Sector“; Page solutions/business-sectors/public-sector; Quelle: iStock© FotografiaBasica _ 1133428501-iStock.com

Photo: „Modern high-rise office building“; Page solutions/business-sectors/public-sector; Quelle: iStock© no_limit_pictures _ 1003107544-iStock.com

Photo: „Businessman with laptop in network server room“; Page solutions/business-sectors/public-sector; Quelle: iStock© .shock_ 136390502-iStock.com

Health & Care

Photo: „Header Health & Care“; Page solutions/business-sectors/health-care; Quelle: iStock© sudok1 _ 491089598-iStock.com

Photo: „Doctor smiling on computer at his desk“; Page solutions/business-sectors/health-care; Quelle: iStock© Wavebreakmedia _ 691231740-iStock.com

Photo: „Hand of the doctor uses a pocket calculator “; Page solutions/business-sectors/health-care; Quelle: iStock© everythingpossible_ 917307132-iStock.com

Photo: „Exterior view of the new hospital building“; Page solutions/business-sectors/health-care; Quelle: iStock© JHVEPhoto_ 1094256658-iStock.com

Photo: „ Doctor with modern equipment in the hospital“; Page solutions/business-sectors/health-care; Quelle: iStock© sudok1_ 831805664-iStock.com

Research & Education

Photo: „Header Research & Education“; Page solutions/business-sectors/research-education; Quelle: iStock© Connel_Design_ 485489111-iStock.com

Photo: „Wide-angle view of the lecture room“; Page solutions/business-sectors/research-education; Quelle: iStock© Pixelci_ 1061453204-iStock.com

Photo: „Female student at PC-station“; Page solutions/business-sectors/research-education; Quelle: iStock© PeopleImages _ 857317792-iStock.com

Photo: „Weather station on the Zugspitze“; Page solutions/business-sectors/research-education; Quelle: iStock© justhavealook_ 521995144-iStock.com

Railway & Transport

Photo: „Header Railway & Transport“; Page solutions/business-sectors/railway-transport; Quelle: iStock© den-belitsky_ 696254596-iStock.com

Photo: „People in the Zurich Main Station hall“; Page solutions/business-sectors/railway-transport; Quelle: iStock© Bumblee_Dee_ 920055756-iStock.com

Public Utility

Photo: „Header Public Utility“; Page solutions/business-sectors/public-utility; Quelle: iStock© FeelPic_ 917493152-iStock.com

Photo: „Oil refinery, chemical & petrochemical plant“; Page solutions/business-sectors/public-utility; Quelle: iStock© zorazhuang_ 932140864-iStock.com

Photo: „Wind Power Station“; Page solutions/business-sectors/public-utility; Quelle: iStock© metamorworks_ 926502848-iStock.com

Banks & Insurance

Photo: „Header Banks & Insurance“; Page solutions/business-sectors/banks-insurance; Quelle: iStock© peshkov_ 501389450-iStock.com

Photo: „Team business on a stock exchange“; Page solutions/business-sectors/banks-insurance; Quelle: iStock© scyther5_ 832105060-iStock.com


Photo: „Header Airports“; Page solutions/business-sectors/airports; Quelle: iStock© hxdyl_ 484038629-iStock.com

Photo: „Airport Rush Frankfurt Terminal“; Page solutions/business-sectors/airports; Quelle: iStock© Mlenny_ 458629555-iStock.com

Photo: „Geneva Airport Main Terminal“; Page solutions/business-sectors/airports; Quelle: iStock© mseidelch_ 458304913-iStock.com

Photo: „Airport CCTV camera“; Page solutions/business-sectors/airports; Quelle: iStock© stnazkul_ 501137749-iStock.com

Data Center

Photo: „Header Data Center“; Page solutions/business-sectors/data-center; Quelle: iStock© loveguli _ 869933132-iStock.com

Photo: „Smiling young IT Professional with laptop in the server room“; Page solutions/business-sectors/data-center; Quelle: iStock© CasarsaGuru_ 1073008942-iStock.com

Photo: „Hand of a man working in network server room“; Page solutions/business-sectors/data-center; Quelle: iStock© kynny_ 1026518816-iStock.com

Photo: „Intersection Defocus Night“; Page solutions/business-sectors/data-center; Quelle: iStock© shansekala_ 514563746-iStock.com

Photo: „Information technology high-speed connection“; Page solutions/business-sectors/data-center; Quelle: iStock© Thomas-Soellner_ 1050653006-iStock.com


Photo: „Header Carrier“; Page solutions/business-sectors/carrier; Quelle: iStock© ansonmiao_ 614703824-iStock.com

Photo: „Intersection Defocus Night“; Page solutions/business-sectors/carrier; Quelle: iStock© shansekala_ 514563746-iStock.com

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RMA Process

Photo: „Header RMA Process“; Page support/support/rma-process; Quelle: iStock© Михаил Руденко_ 1072081532-iStock.com

Support Request

Photo: „Header Support Request“; Page support/support/support-request; Quelle: iStock © scyther5_1016768856

Photo: "Dropdown menu"; Page support; Quelle: iStock© BernardaSv_66321341-iStock.com


Photo: "Header Webinar"; Page support/support/webinars-1; Quelle: iStock © tortoon_1168708183- iStock.com


Photo: "Header Newsletter"; Page support/support/newsletter; Quelle: iStock©Rocco-Herrmann_1288983114-iStock.com

Application Notes

Photo: „Header Application Notes“; Page support/documentation/application-notes; Quelle: iStock© SimFan _ 90895071-iStock.com

White Papers

Photo: „Header White Papers“; Page support/documentation/white-papers; Quelle: iStock© dtimiraos _ 182496998-iStock.com


Photo: „Header Brochures“; Page support/documentation/brochures; Quelle: iStock© Kwangmoozaa _ 848592420-iStock.com


Support Tools

Photo: „Header Support Tools“; Page support/downloads/support-tools; Quelle: iStock© NiroDesign _ 815594930-iStock.com

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Request an offer

Photo: „Header Request an Offer“; Page how-to-buy/how-to-buy/request-an-offer; Quelle: iStock© Geber86 _ 525219934-iStock.com

Contact Persons

Photo: „Header Contact Persons“; Page how-to-buy/how-to-buy/contact-persons; Quelle: iStock© PeopleImages _ 883893674-iStock.com

Contact Form

Photo: „Header Contact Form“; Page how-to-buy/how-to-buy/contact-formular; Quelle: iStock© Mikolette_ 1139040334-iStock.com


Photo: "Dropdown menu"; Page how-to-buy; Quelle: iStock© PeopleImages_953426236 -iStock.com

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Photo "Header"; page "IP500"; Quelle: istockphoto.com_186847409_zodebala

Photo: „Headerbild“; Page digital-schools; Quelle: iStock©vadimguzhva _674238048-iStock.com

Photo: „School building“; Page digital-schools; Quelle: iStock©Onfokus _172990015-iStock.com

Photo: „Students with headset in the classroom“; Page digital-schools; Quelle: iStock©fstop123_543323650-iStock.com

Photo: "Kids and girl with glasses at laptop"; Page digital-schools; Quelle: iStock©LSOphoto _1074987286-iStock.com

Photo: "Teacher with pupils in the classroom"; Page digital-schools; Quelle: iStock©skynesher _1091226520-iStock.com

Photo: "Modern classroom with blue chairs"; Page digital-schools; Quelle: iStock©Onurdongel _1216453954-iStock.com


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