Rumbo al futuro desde 1993

Rumbo al futuro desde 1993

1993 _ Establishment of the MICROSENS company.

1995 _ The concept of "Fiber To The Office" (FTTO) is developed and lays the foundation for one of today’s key services at MICROSENS. In-house manufacturing commences.

2001 _ A new trend-setting product division opens up with Industrial networking. Development of the redundancy mechanism to construct fault-tolerant ring networks.

2003 _ The latest product generation of optical multiplex systems achieves transmission capacities of 40 Gbps. MICROSENS is named IT company of the year.

2007 _ MICROSENS introduces a new transmission platform for high speed services. The flexible transmission system supports data transfer speeds of 10 Gigabits per transmission channel.

2008 _ The cooperation within the euromicron group also produces its first technological fruits. MICROSENS together with euromicron GmbH presents an active optical transceiver (SFP) for the new euromicron EM-RJ connector.

2012 _ MICROSENS extends its competence in the field of optical transmission technology with the acquisition of TeraMile GmbH. The business area is continued in for of a profit centre.

2013 _ MICROSENS introduces Generation 6, a newly developed, trend-setting switch platform for the construction of professional building and industrial networks. A transmission system for the wide area with 100 Gbit/s is presented.

2016 _ MICROSENS introduces the concept of IP-based Smart Lighting. The application of LED technology and intelligent network technology makes it possible to achieve energy savings of up to 80%.

2016 _ With Smart Office, MICROSENS brings network intelligence directly to the workplace. Office devices, lighting, and building control technology are integrated into the IP data network.

2017 _ MICROSENS opens up the "Smart Building Solutions" business unit and bundles competences for this innovative concept of intelligent buildings.

2021 _ 25 years after the first FTTO Switch, MICROSENS sets new standards in performance and applications for FTTO networks with the seventh hardware generation, the 7-port 10G Micro Switch, PoE++.