Application levels

Application levels

Intelligent network application levels

There are diverse requirements for the smooth transmission of data, voice and video information. Accordingly the application possibilities for the fiber optic technology provided by MICROSENS are numerous.

Solutions from MICROSENS offer the ability to customise application levels for fiber optic networks for local and wide area applications. The selection of components suited to the respective application purpose takes place taking various criteria into consideration in order to create an ideal solution based on flexibility, future needs and cost optimisation.

Equal focus is placed on ensuring the possibility of applying the components in existing systems and use in the area of overlapping application levels. The solutions provided by MICROSENS extend to all application areas of fiber optic technology. Individually optimised connections are created from internal company local area networks (LAN) through access networks (Access) up to city networks (MAN).

Enterprise Networks

Fiber optic technology has become a proven transmission medium in offices and other workplace areas. The Fiber To The Office (FTTO) concept allows modern office environments to be networked in a standard-compliant and decentralised manner. MICROSENS combines copper connection technology and fiber optic technology to integrate end devices in fiber optic networks.

In buildings, fibre-optic lines connect horizontal and building backbone areas. Copper cabling is used exclusively for the direct connection of computer workstations and terminal devices via the MICROSENS installation switches.

Under the name "Enterprise", MICROSENS offers a product range that meets current market requirements as regards price and availability.

The result: powerful networks to reliably transmit data for computers, telephony and video. This includes switches, converters, transceivers and network adapters.


Industrial Solutions

Whether in rail traffic, in traffic control technology or in industrial environments - network technology from MICROSENS offers robust and reliable products for data transmission even under adverse conditions.

MICROSENS patented Ethernet ring technology enables redundant, fail-safe ring structures.

The "Profi Line" and "Entry Line" series offer optimum solutions for requirements and budget in their respective areas.

The devices from the Profi Line series are designed for special and failure-sensitive applications, such as railway and rail applications, as well as for use in potentially explosive environments. Simple, cost-effective and reliable devices score highly in a wide range of industrial applications. The switches and converters from the Entry Line series are particularly suitable for industrial networks with short distances in the terminal device area.

Optical Transport

The demands placed on the performance of data centres are constantly growing. Enterprises need ever greater bandwidth availability and network capacity. With the multiplex systems from MICROSENS you can optimise your available data volume. MICROSENS technology makes optical platforms fit for the secure and economical transport of information and data.

For instance, the MICROSENS Optical Transport Platform MSP 3000 with its modular structure enables the structure and capacities of fiber optic lines to be expanded to match actual requirements. This way, bandwidth requirements and investments can be optimally aligned to individual needs and kept in balance. At the same time, the IT infrastructure becomes fail-safe and redundant.

Smart Building Solutions

With 25 years of experience in network technology, MICROSENS offers suitable solutions for building automation. Building technology and IT networks merge to set trends and consistently lead intelligent building digitisation to its goal. This makes MICROSENS one of the pioneers of IP-based building automation. IP-based technology networks devices, systems and modules for heating, air conditioning, public address, lighting, access control and the allocation of individual rights of use at room level. The result: An innovative and safe automation concept. With this pioneering approach, MICROSENS realises decentralised, modular, scalable building automation systems that use the IT network as its infrastructure.