Railway & Transport

Railway & Transport

Solutions for railway and transportation

Easy operability, speediness, reliability and security are important factors for the efficient and economical operation of railway systems and equipment in the transport area.

To reach this target automation technology is used widely. This the labour costs can be reduced and the real time determinism for the daily work can be improved.

Switch certification for the railway application

The industrial Gigabit Ethernet switches of MICROSENS are certified for the use in railway applications. With this certification according to the EN50121-4:2006 (for tightened EMC requirements for the electromagnetic immunity) and  EN50125-3:2003 (Temperature, climate- vibration- and shock-stability) the devices can be used direct at the railway track at a distance of 1m.

Optimised solutions with german manufacturing


Transport and traffic companies rely at the selection of communication and data technology on

  • future increasing data rates

  • high security requirements

  • maximum availability

  • demand for transmission of real time data

  • use in rough environments along the transportation tracks such as highways, tunnels, waterways

Conditions which were not foreseeable during the initial conception of the Ethernet protocol. To create reliable solutions, these application fields are having a high demand in terms of product quality. Therefore MICROSENS bets on development and production in Germany – high quality and state-of-the-art semiconductor technology guarantee a high shock and vibration stability of the MICROSNES Industrial Ethernet devices.

The application fields go from collecting environmental information to video surveillance of critical systems.

Central management and maximised reliability

The most modern manufacturing quality and premium semiconductor technology provide MICROSENS Industrial Ethernet components with high shock and vibration resistance. Possible areas of application therefore range from power plants or medium voltage stations to the connectivity of intelligent local network stations for smart metering applications.

  • Patented self-healing fiber optic ring topology and a redundant power supply guarantee maximum availability for critical applications
  • Public Utility Certification (IEC61850-3 / IEEE1613), Railway Applications (DIN EN50121-4)
  • Power-over-Ethernet, VLAN, QoS, IGMP-Snooping, STP/RSTP and central management (NMP)
  • High temperature resistance (-40..+75°C operating temperature)