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MICROSENS is a member of the IP500® Alliance

The IP500 ® Alliance is an open and international association. It has been formed by OEMs and system manufacturers to establish a standardized and reliable open meshed wireless sensor and actuator network - mainly for large commercial and enterprise building and process automation applications.



The selection of components suited to the respective application purpose takes place taking various criteria into
consideration in order to create an ideal solution based on flexibility, future needs and cost optimisation.


Outdoor WiFi Coverage

Reliable communication and high-performance data exchange are the prerequisites for mobile applications. Whether Smartphone, IoT applications, Smart City or autonomous driving - they all require a comprehensive, seamless supply with high data rates. WiFi and 5G provide the necessary bandwidth. They need a powerful infrastructure to transmit the enormous amounts of data.



The compact Ruggedized Micro Switches from MICROSENS are the ideal solution for the economical realisation of area-wide networks whose infrastructures do not justify the investment in Industrial Ethernet components, but do not get along with standard components. At the same time, they offer exactly the functions of Industrial Ethernet that are also required for WiFi coverage, star and ring topology, as well as decentralized intelligence for increased reliability. If the central connection fails, the Ruggedized Mirco Switch switches off the Power-over-Ethernet supply and thus the connected access point. In this way, the end devices can automatically connect to another access point and maintain communication. In connection with a central WiFi controller, only the access points are authenticated as network devices, then the entire data stream of the end devices is transmitted via tunneling and managed by the central WiFi controller. Complex, time-consuming authentication of each individual terminal device is no longer necessary.

Medical Micro Switch

High performance, reliable, secure

With the Medical Switch, MICROSENS is setting new standards in terms of performance, reliability, and security for data networks in medical technology, hospitals, and medical practices. The device exceeds the strict stipulations in terms of electromagnetic compatibility, as well as the requirements of the Medical Products Law. The network accesses are decoupled galvanically by means of special insulators to protect patients and devices against fault currents from the network. For particularly high demands placed on network security in the medical environment, the Medical Switch off ers extensive security features, which make sure that confidential data will actually remain confidential. The Medical Switch builds on the proven, decentralised network architecture. The economic efficiency of this architecture has been established through independent surveys and numerous projects.

Robust network technology

Network technology has become since indispensable in rail transportation, traffic control technology and in industrial environments long ago. Robust and reliable products from MICROSENS guarantee secure data transmission even under adverse conditions.

The Ethernet ring technology developed by MICROSENS permits the setup of redundant ring structures in Ethernet networks. The ultra-fast protection mechanism provides short reaction time for mission critical and fail sensitive applications. The physical ring structure optimizes cabling demands and helps to save costs for optical cables.

Success Story: Eurotunnel builds up a new IP network with MICROSENS industrial switches

Building Network - Fiber To The Office

Originally only used in the backbone area, fiber optics is now widely seen in the office and intranet area. The integration of data, telephony and video guarantees long-term investment security. 

The Fiber To The Office (FTTO) concept developed by MICROSENS enables such networks to be implemented in both a flexible and cost-effective manner. 


Under the name „Basic Fiber Optic Products” MICROSENS developed a product line of switches, converters, transceivers, adapter cards which fully complies with the market requirements regarding the pricing and the availability.

Expert opinion confirms profitability of FTTO

WIK-Consult, a leading telecommunications consulting company, carried out a cost comparison between a typical copper cabling system and FTTO in order to prove the economic efficiency. According to the report prepared by WIK-Consult, companies can save on average 30 percent of the costs for the IT building infrastructure by using FTTO. The study examined the acquisition and operating costs of various installation scenarios: Office environments in new and old buildings with 220 and 1040 workstations respectively. The detailed report contains over 30 pages of valuable information for planners and decision-makers. In addition to the investment costs for technology and installation, the running costs, such as for maintenance and care, as well as energy consumption, are also presented. We will be happy to send you the complete study on request. A Management Summary is available for free download on this website.



As an internationally successful manufacturer MICROSENS distributes its products worldwide. In addition to the company headquarters in Hamm, Westphalia, MICROSENS maintains sales offices in France and Poland in order to be able to optimally meet the differentiated requirements of its customers on site.