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The connection between data centers is constantly growing in terms of services and bandwidths. But also the requirements for distances vary, from a coupling of two data centers from 5km up to connections over 100km.


xWDM systems such as the MICROSENS MSP1000 platform meet such requirements.

The system must be planned with more performance in the limit range of optical transceiver power budgets, but also for existing fiber optic connections with an increased attenuation budget.

For this purpose MICROSENS offers the EM3 amplifier for the MSP1000.

The EM3 is an optical amplifier that can increase the level of a complete DWDM data stream without converting the data into the electrical domain. Thus the attenuation losses of the DWDM filters can be compensated and larger distances can be bridged.

The EM3 works according to the EDFA principle. (Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier). The EM3 is inserted between the DWDM filter and the wide-area fiber (line). Depending on the requirements, this can be done at the beginning, at the end or in the middle of the line. The optimal installation depends on many factors such as the number of channels and the fiber attenuation.

Due to the integrated Gain Flattening Filter (GFF), all wavelengths within the fiber are evenly amplified. This allows a high number of channels or the use of multiple amplifier stages in series for very long connections. The EM3 includes precise level meters that measure both the unamplified and amplified levels as well as the return channel. Adjustable thresholds allow permanent monitoring of the entire line during operation. The EM3 is parameterized and monitored via the management agent and occupies 2 module slots in the rack.

The EDFA amplifier is used exclusively in DWDM applications.




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Optical Amplifier Module EDFA C-Band with gain flattening filter 2 slots, Monitoring Port, 4xLC  

3x LC duplex SM

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