Sports club profits from state-of-the-art building technology twice over

Together we can achieve more - this is the motto of TuS Germania Lohauserholz-Daberg, which brings together young and old with a wide range of sporting activities. The board of the sports club demonstrated optimism and the will to progress in times of pandemic: Together with MICROSENS GmbH & Co. KG, they installed a smart lighting solution in their clubhouse. Thanks to the intelligent control of the LED panels, the club saves energy costs and increases the flexibility of the facilities.

Engagement with a vision
Whether recreational or competitive, TuS Germania Lohauserholz-Daberg offers a wide variety of sports. The sports club, which is rich in tradition, has just under 1,000 members and was formed from the merger of two clubs in 2013. The members are particularly proud of their own clubhouse, which they built with their enormous commitment and more than 20,000 hours of work. The building "Am Hahnenbach" offers 600 square metres of space on two levels for eight changing rooms, sanitary facilities, various function rooms and, on the ground floor, a catering area with a bar. At peak times, up to 50 family celebrations a year take place in the two function rooms, which are managed by the association itself. In 2018, the existing lights had already been replaced with LED panels for economic reasons. The disadvantage of this, however, was the lack of flexibility of the lighting with regard to the various uses of the rooms.

Smart lighting in the clubhouse
Following the recommendation of a club member, this was to change in 2021: The clubhouse was equipped with a Smart Lighting Solution by MICROSENS. This means that all the luminaires on the ground floor were connected to a MICROSENS Central Smart Lighting Controller. The existing power cables of the LED panels were patched to an Ethernet cable via a 2 wire to RJ45 adapter and connected to the Central Smart Lighting Controller. As the installed LED panels require a voltage of less than 54 volts, they can be supplied with power directly via a network cable (Power over Ethernet - PoE) and simultaneously controlled via the controller. A significant advantage for TuS Germania Lohauserholz-Daberg also in terms of installation: no electrician was required here - neither for implementation nor for an acceptance test. The wiring can be done even by a layman. There is no electrical hazard at any time.

Efficiency in daily operation
The chairman of the sports club Dirk Havers is enthusiastic about the solution: "Our lighting can be adjusted much more efficiently thanks to MICROSENS Smart Lighting. On the one hand, we specifically select the areas to be illuminated via the control app. In addition, we can also select the light intensity. Here, 50% of the brightness is usually sufficient, so we generally dim the LED panels by half and thus save electricity accordingly." When implementing the system, the chairman's main concern was ease of use: "The MICROSENS team mapped the luminaires and their assignment directly in the user app. The desired panels can be easily selected on our tablet via touchscreen." The tablet installed on site is also connected to the automation via Power-over-Ethernet and is supplied with power via this. A battery is not required. In addition, the luminaires can also be controlled remotely. All that is needed here is Internet access, via which the corresponding web application can be accessed.

Flexibility for all occasions
The mood in a room is significantly influenced by the lighting. The requirements at a cosy birthday party in the evening are very different from those at a board meeting or a team meeting. With intelligent lighting in the clubhouse, these scenarios can be achieved very easily. The app not only allows you to control which LED panels should light up. Brightness and light colour can also be determined from cold white to warm white. This creates an individual ambience just as you wish. Up to 24 lamps with 50 watts each can be controlled via a Central Smart Lighting Controller. In addition to the LED panels, the screen used for the beamer can also be controlled automatically. Other components, such as the blinds control, are also to be integrated into the intelligent control system in the future. Dirk Havers is convinced: "Intelligent systems like this are the future. Even in a relatively small space, the advantages in terms of efficiency and flexibility pay off directly. We will successively expand the MICROSENS solution and integrate further components, that's for sure."

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