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Product brochure - Profi Line Modular Series

This brochure gives you an overview about our Industrial Profi Line Modular Series.


Gigabit Ethernet 13 Port Base-Switch Profi Line Modular

The new Profi Line Modular switches from MICROSENS offer top performance and flexibility in confined spaces.

Product Overview

Firmware Feature List

Firmware Feature List Generation 6 Ethernet Switches


Profi Line Modular Series - Top Performance in Smallest Spaces

The new Profi Line Modular switches, from MICROSENS, offer maximum performance and flexibility in smallest spaces. Robust, modular, expandable and designed for greatest reliability and shortest recovery times, the Profi Line Modular series has become the first-choice solution for Industrial Ethernet.


  • Gigabit performance with Energy-Efficient Ethernet
  • Power-over-Ethernet+ (802.3at), maximum of 30 W per port
  • Extended temperature range 
  • Compact metal housing for DIN rail assembly 
  • Robust design, extension modules available 
  • Redundant power inputs
  • Linux kernel, open standards, long-term availability 
  • SD card for firmware and configuration
  • Fault tolerance with minimum recovery times

Reliability and Flexibility

On the industrial sector, Ethernet has established itself as the standard communication protocol. The continuously growing number of applications and IP-capable devices leads to a drastic increase of the data throughput and higher demands made on reliability and flexibility. In this context, Industrial Ethernet Switches are the decisive nodes which connect automation technology and IP networks reliably and with the highest possible availability with each other. The Profi Line Modular series was developed for deployment in industrial environments and sets new standards in terms of reliability and flexibility.

Highest Gigabit Performance in Smallest Spaces

Even the base switch module already offers thirteen Gigabit ports, of which four, as combo ports, can be expanded with SFP modules to fiber optic connections. Despite its space-saving design, it has two alarm inputs/outputs, e.g., for cabinet monitoring or integrating a sensor/actuator. The copper ports offer PoE/PoE+ connected devices can be supplied with power economically and without additional cabling work. The switch itself can also work without its own power supply, supplied via PoE/ PoE+ as a powered device.

Modular Design Which is Easy to Expand

The modular design of the Profi Line Modular switches enables expansions tailored to needs, which limits the initial investment to the minimum necessary. The customer only pays for what is actually needed and can expand the scalable switch according to requirements („pay as you grow“). The expansion concept of the switch is designed that no oversized backplane has to be fitted with the initial installation. This way, the Profi Line Modular series does not squander any valuable space in the wiring cabinet.

Future-Proof Device Design

The hardware of the Profi Line Modular series is designed today for future functions, which are easy to activate with firmware upgrades. This is facilitated by the latest high-performance switching chipsets in combination with a powerful ARM processor. As an established, stable operating system, Linux offers a solid foundation for an intelligent, open and long-term reliable platform.

SD Card for Firmware and Configuration

Trend-setting: the switch operating system, firmware, and configuration data are stored on an SD card in the base module. If a switch base module ever needs to be replaced, the existing SD card is simply inserted in the new module which automatically accepts all settings. This means there is no need for complex reconfigurations or installing software images – the recovery time is reduced to a minimum. The SD card can be swapped over by the company-internal maintenance team without any special IT know how, no specialist has to be on-site in the event of a fault, which in turn drops the operating costs.

Quality Made in Germany

The design of the Profi Line Modular series was developed from scratch at the site in Germany, by development teams for the hardware and software of the proper company and based on the company‘s own know-how. Development and manufacture „Made in Germany“ make a significant contribution to the product quality. The Profi Line Modular series is the optimum choice everywhere where high demands are made in terms of fault tolerance and shortest possible recovery times.