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MICROSENS micro switches in a hospital network

Władysław Biegański Regional Specialist Hospital in Grudziądz is an independent, comprehensive public health care institution. Based in the suburbs, among forests and brine springs, it occupies an area of 30 ha. The total capacity of the facilities is over 300,000 m3, with the usable area of over 70,000 sq.m. The facilities are fully monitored and covered by an IT network. Hospital rooms meet the highest standards and are fitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment. The hospital staff receives 43,000 patients, provides several hundred consultations and conducts over a million medical examinations a year.

A reliable and secure tele-transmission network is of key importance for the efficient functioning of a modern hospital. The Grudziądz hospital’s network is based on copper cabling. With the growing amount of data and increasing network requirements, it has become necessary to expand it. The hospital was looking for an economic solution which would enable it to increase the number of copper ports without the need to expand the cabling.

APIUS proposed an expansion concept which, contrary to supplementary or even brand new cabling, allows for gradually increasing the number of connections. This concept is based on MICROSENS miniature switches enabling access to 4 end devices, cascade with a further miniature switch and connection via an existing copper cable to the central switch. In this way, the expansion of particular building parts or floors may be divided into several budgets. Gradual expansion also minimizes disruptions and outages, which is of vital importance for a hospital. Micro switches in copper technology enable the provision of additional network connectors without the need of disassembly and costly works related to assembling additional cabling. The devices’ great advantage is their compact design and the possibility of tool-less assembly in different options (cable ducts, floor cabinets and tables, installation boards). The devices meet the required safety standards while offering effective network management.

The Grudziądz hospital uses MICROSENS Gigabit Ethernet micro switches with PoE functionality, mounted in special installation boards. On the central side, the MICROSENS devices are connected to Cisco Catalyst 6500 and 2960S/2960X. Locally MICROSENS switches work with a series of medical devices, including multi-station supervision system in the maternity ward, patients’ monitors, ultrasound scanner, scintiscanner/tomograph, USG and RTG equipment, infusion pumps, computer-assisted tomographs, and DSA machines.

With their functionality, high reliability and technical stability, as well as easy and quick installation, MICROSENS installation switches are an ideal solution for hospitals.

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Transmitting information via fiber optic connections offers numerous benefits. MICROSENS GmbH & Co. KG recognised this very early on. As one of the pioneers, the company has developed and produced high-performance communications and transmission systems in Germany since 1993. Individually matched to the demands of diverse usage areas and embedded in comprehensive concepts for individual sectors. But, above all, close to the customer. Technical challenges from customer projects are incorporated directly into product development. This way, IP-based automation solutions are created for modern buildings, cost-efficient network concepts for the office and workspace, robust and fail-safe solutions for industrial environments, optical transport systems future-oriented wide area networks and efficient coupling of sites and computer centres.