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Smart Office – the workplace becomes intelligent

Today's working world offers and demands maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness. In modern office buildings, the workplace adapts to the employees' needs, such that they can develop their capabilities to the full.

The Smart Office, the intelligent office, offers a new degree of convenience, cost-effectiveness and security. Building upon a decentralised infrastructure, the building automation systems use the IP protocol and thus become part of the data network. Applications (apps) on the network switches provide a wealth of useful functionalities, which could not, or only to a limited extent, be implemented with the previous technologies.


  • Scalable room-by-room concept, requires no centralised planning or control
  • Integration of lighting, shading, heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and public address in an interactive system, incl. control and monitoring
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Optimisation of energy consumption, e.g. of up to 80% for lighting
  • Reduced maintenance costs through anticipative identification of the service requirement

Micro Switch

Micro Switches provide for the network connection of end devices, such as computers, IP telephones, printers or WiFi access points. They have long since developed from pure data distribution into intelligent, powerful control centers. Their high computing power allows them to take on additional and far-reaching functions in building automation. An example for this is the control and management of all technical office equipment, such as lighting, blinds, heating, air conditioning, network access for IT devices and telephones, as well as security technology.

Smart Engine

The smart engine takes care of the energy supply to the lamps with Power-over-Ethernet Plus. For this purpose, it uses suitable, standard data lines, as are also used for the IT infrastructure. The smart engine can be accommodated in a data processing cabinet or electrical control box, but also directly decentralized, e.g. installed in a suspended ceiling. The number of engines is determined by the scope and expansion of the lighting system.

Automation Gateway

The automation gateway is responsible for integrating the existing automation installations and devices and manages the necessary data exchange. This even allows sensors from other completely separated systems like Homematic, EnOcean, KNX, IP500 and others to be integrated. Connection with the systems to be integrated can be both wired and wireless, which allows flexible, section-by-section integration without time-consuming installation.

Smart Lighting Controller + Smart Sensor

The Smart Lighting Controller represents the link between the LED lamp and the IP network and converts the PoE power to an adapted power supply for the lamp. Either integrated in the lamp housing or installed in close proximity to the lamp, it evaluates the sensor data directly on site. Special sensors close to the lamp acquire the environmental parameters and identify whether there are persons present in the room. A brightness and a temperature sensor are also integrated here.

Smart Audio Controller

The Smart Audio Controller easily and reliably integrates existing classical loudspeakers in the data network. The module converts the IP audio data to analog audio signals therefore offering particularly economical migration to IP technology. Whether background music or announcements and acoustic alarms to specifically address or warn people in buildings – the Smart Audio Controller implements the advantages of IP-based installations, also with classical loudspeakers.