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Economic Fiber Optic Solutions for Hospitals

This brochure gives a short overview about our solutions for the health care segment.

Economic Fiber Optic Solutions for Hospitals

Increasing health costs and reduced social benefits are cutting into hospital and clinic budgets all the time. Mounting pressure to keep costs down leaves institutions with less and less financial flexibility. Decision makers have long recognised that ITsupported medicine is the only feasible way of providing quality patient care while maintaining a competitive business edge.

MICROSENS systems increase your IT-infrastructure’s profitability by, for example, supporting fee-based additional services like patient Internet or IPTV and thus generating additional revenue. As a German developer and manufacturer of high-performance fiber optic components, we have successfully supported a number of projects in the health care industry by providing reliable products and excellent consultation. Our work ranges from future-proof Fiber To The Office in-house networking to data center links to conceptual designs of 10/40G transmission technology based intercampus networks for hospital groups.

MICROSENS’ Fiber To The Office provides specialists and health care workers with reliable patient data delivery using maximum bandwidth. In regard to the high requirements for EMC stability of hospital networks, fiber becomes also attractive in terms of investment costs (CAPEX) compared to shielded copper cables. The system uses future-proof fiber optic cables with the high range necessary to span the large distances between clinic areas, thus making numerous additional distributor cabinets in the building unnecessary.

The continuous extension of the fiber optic lines into the user area is one of the fundamental ideas behind FTTO. Fiber optic technology guarantees the system’s long useful life even through multiple technology upgrades. Clinic managers and technical directors are thus ensured of long-term investment protection and can plan IT-cost management with confidence.

Extending fiber optic networks into tertiary areas results in a cabling infrastructure with greater overall reliability. It provides greater protection against electromagnetic disruption through electrical isolation, thus improving the availability of health care management IT-applications.

Creating multiple uses for network infrastructure provides a number of economic advantages. For one thing, efficient business procedures improve productivity while decreasing employee workloads. For another, comprehensive communication services improve patient satisfaction and the quality of patient care. On the financial end, Triple Play helps medical institutions to amortise their urgently-needed investment in high-performance networks more quickly by enabling them to generate revenues through fee-based value added communication services like patient Internet access, IPTV and video-on-demand.

In times of limited funding and shrinking subsidies, clinic managers and technical directors demand future-proof investments. Procurement costs need to be proportional to actual bandwidth needs. Future requirements need to remain economically foreseeable.

Increasing amounts of interdisciplinary collaboration, closer ties between clinics and regional competency centers, and the new paradigm of integrated medical care are all designed to improve the quality of patient care. At the same time, however, they create significantly stiffer competition in the industry. As a result, the ability to network has already become one of the key factors in raising productivity and cost efficiency. MICROSENS’ scalable 10/40G broadcast platform for high-speed optical networks give medical service providers a future-proof basis for their ever-growing bandwidth requirements.

Apart from economic considerations, what count most in health care management are reliability and security. This is especially true when it comes to the availability of building management systems and to the industrial Ethernet components used to connect supply systems. Since patient wellbeing is directly dependent upon climate control and power supplies, system failures in these areas are not acceptable. Meticulous manufacturing processes and utmost stringency in quality control allow MICROSENS Industrial Ethernet components to help creating reliable networks of technical building systems in hospital environments.