IP500 Alliance

IP500® Alliance

MICROSENS is a member of the IP500® Alliance

MICROSENS is a member of the IP500® Alliance

IP500® organization

The IP500 ® Alliance is an open and international association. It has been formed by OEMs and system manufacturers to establish a standardized and reliable open meshed wireless sensor and actuator network - mainly for large commercial and enterprise building and process automation applications.

The IP500 membership is driven by industry leaders from across the entire spectrum of leading product and system solution for Access Control, Fire & Smoke Detection, Escape route systems, Intrusion Detection, Lighting & Climate Control, Messaging & Localization and many other solutions.

As an open, non-proprietary, high-performance, and secure building automation platform the IP500® standard does indeed set new standards. It is the only wireless technology standard to ensure maximum interoperability by using and supporting the main industry norms and by clearly specifying all interfaces. It uses and supports IEEE 802.15.4-2006, 6LoWPAN, IPv6, BACnet, and AES128.

Furthermore, the IP500® standard is the first and only wireless-based solution that will fulfill all of the EN and VdS specifications for products and electronic devices in safety and security relevant applications such as fire protection, break-in protection, or access control.

MICROSENS Smart Edge Controller

The MICROSENS Smart Edge Controller simplifies the direct integration of various protocols and interfaces like IP500, DALI, etc. into IP-based Smart Building applications. The controller is connected to an Ethernet network and powered via PoE. The integrated high-performance CPU guarantees high throughput at wirespeed for all applications.

The IP500 wireless IoT network shines with robustness and security and is thus ideally suited for commercial applications. Typical applications include fire and smoke detection, intrusion detection and lighting control.

The Smart Edge Controller is based on the successful Smart Building System and supports all MICROSENS Smart Controllers. The optional Smart Director control app can be installed for a complete out-of-the-box room-based application including Web-GUI control.