10G OTN Transponder

  • Multiple OTN Transponder: 6x10GbE clients, 6xOTU2(e) lines or 3xOTU2(e) lines regeneration
  • Pluggable module compatible with any MICROSENS MSP3000 chassis already installed in the field
  • Economical SFP+ interfaces for client and line sides

As operators require additional, and more varied, 10GbE-based services to be handled by their existing and growing OTN backbone, efficient ingress and egress become mandatory.

An OTN transponder is the most straightforward, cost-effective answer for delivering Ethernet encapsulation inside OTN lines for backbone interconnection.

The MS430553M Transponder makes it possible to use MICROSENS at the OTN line side as a client of OTN backbones. A single transponder allows economical adaptation of up to 10GbE clients to/from six independent OTU2(e) lines in a compact 2 slot module compatible with existing compact 2RU or 7RU MSP3000 chassis.

The MS430553M can also be used as a triple OTN regenerator of OTU2(e) lines.

Art.-Nr. Beschreibung Anschlüsse
MS430553M 6x 10G OTN Transponder with G709 FEC and DCC, supporting 6x 10GBE on the client to 6xOTU2e on the line, SFP+ for the client and tunable line interfaces (SFP+ not included) 12x SFP+

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