Smart Building Manager

Smart Building Manager

The tool for efficient building management

Building automation has undergone a fundamental transformation in recent years. Autarkic systems became networked systems that the user can control quickly and easily via an intuitive, graphical representation of the building.

Application examples of Smart Building Manager tool

Efficient building utilization

Central management of the devices and systems distributed throughout the building creates the basis for the most efficient building use possible. For example, presence detectors record the number of people in a meeting or training room or in an open-plan office. The Smart Building Manager compares them with the maximum occupancy rate, which enables statements to be made about the actual utilization of the rooms.

If, for example, two large meeting rooms for up to fifteen people each are constantly booked out, but usually only occupied by three to five people, the room layout can be optimized: Three meeting rooms for up to five people, one for up to twelve. As a result, more rooms are available, more meetings are possible at the same time, and a room is more often available for meetings scheduled at short notice. Now the rooms are used much more efficiently.

Smart Sensor in Detail

Application examples

The MICROSENS Smart Building Manager controls the building technology, monitors and updates device configurations, visualizes all relevant operating parameters and consumption values.

This provides the user with the informations and functions he needs in a neatly and easy to understand manner. Existing analog and digital components and devices can be integrated into the system via Smart I/O controllers.

In short: The Smart Building Manager is the key to efficient building management.

Optimal resource and personnel management

Hotels benefit from the coupling of the Smart Building Manager with the hotel management software. If a room is not occupied, the Smart Building Manager automatically switches off the lights, heating and air conditioning operate in the lowered range, and in summer the blinds are automatically closed to prevent the room from heating up due to solar radiation.

When the guest checks in, the heating or air-conditioning system goes to set mode, the light comes on when the door is opened, and a personal greeting appears on the TV. If the guest has stored his personal profile with the hotel, the room technology is preset according to his preferences.

Cleaning and maintenance staff are directed to rooms that have become vacant so that they are available again as quickly as possible. In this way, resources and personnel are used optimally, which is not possible to the same extent with conventional hotel automation solutions.

Added value of modern building automation

The Smart Building Manager not only handles the tasks of classic building automation by setting the respective setpoints. With the Smart Building Manager, the complete management of all substations building-wide is possible with just one tool.

Substations and controllers only have to be configured once, because the Smart Building Manager scans the entire system, determines the configuration of the components and makes the data available to all the processes it manages and controls. Everything only needs to be touched once.

Data and its visualization are associated to the respective data points and all instances access them, resulting in a much lower effort for set-up, operation and modifications.

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