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Milestones - Oriented to the future since 1993

1993_Establishment of the MICROSENS company.

1995_The concept of "Fiber To The Office" (FTTO) is developed and lays the foundation stone for one point of focal emphasis at MICROSENS today. Own production commences.

2001_Industrial networking represents the development of a new future-oriented product division. A patent is filed for the redundancy mechanism to construct fault-tolerant ring networks.

2003_The latest product generation of optical multiplex systems achieves transmission capacities of 40 Gbps. MICROSENS is named IT company of the year.

2006_The entry of the new majority shareholder means that MICROSENS becomes part of the strongly expanding, high yield euromicron group which focuses on network and fiber optic technologies and has numerous interests in the industry. This sets the course for further growth.

2007_As a specialist for optical transport systems, MICROSENS introduces a new MSP 3000 transmission platform for high speed services. The flexible transmission system supports data transfer speeds of 10 Gigabits per transmission channel.

2008_The cooperation within the euromicron group also produces its first technological fruits. MICROSENS together with euromicron GmbH presents an active optical transceiver (SFP) for the new euromicron EM-RJ connector.

2011_MICROSENS acquires the German specialist for optical commincation TeraMile GmbH and introduces the optical entry level MSP 1000 platform.

2013_Announcment of the first 100G Muxponder / Transponder technology.