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10-Gigabit Uplink-Module

The new 10-Gigabit Uplink-Module, which extends the proven industrial switch series Profi Line Modular of the euromicron subsidiary MICROSENS, also offers top-level performance on the backbone sector. With its high-performance switching chip set and the two 10-Gigabit uplink ports, the new module is ideally suited for industrial applications and applications in security technology.


MICROSENS Medical Switch

With the Medical Switch, the euromicron subsidiary MICROSENS is setting new standards in terms of performance, reliability, and safety for data networks in hospitals, clinics, and medical practices. The switch is tailor-made for the requirements of a medical environment. It ensures the safety of the patients and medical equipment by means of four galvanically separated 10/100/1000 Mbps ports with integrated network insulators.


Profi Line Rack

Besides the extensive industrial product portfolio for installation on DIN rails, MICROSENS offers a 25-port Gigabit Ethernet switch in 19" design. The Profi Line rack switch was developed for use in harsh industrial environments andsets new standards in reliability and performance.


Ruggedized Micro Switch

Applications that demand a high level of robustness and reliability, such as large scale WLAN coverage, building automation or IP video, do not always requirecost-intensive industrial Ethernet components. With the Ruggedized Micro Switch, MICROSENS offers an extremely economical alternative. The Micro Switch excels by virtue of its compact package and can especially be used where little space is available, such as in small enclosures or electric switchgear.


Smart Office

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Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting - Innovative Lighting Concept provided by the Network. more...

Fiber To The Office

Fiber To The Office - economic and future-proof inhouse-network concept. more...

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