Media Converter & Bridging Converter

The media converter technology has grown from a niche technology to a central part of modern cabling concepts in in-house areas, at location interconnection and industrial applications. Media converter offer a simple, flexible and economical migration to future-proof fiber optic networks. As a pioneer of media converter technology MICROSENS offers a large portfolio of active components.

Depending on the application the media converter are available in different designs. Widely used are the cost effective desktop versions with external power supply which allows a quick installation. Modular converter systems are used to reach a high variety of different converter modules in LAN and WAN areas and for the conversion of industrial interfaces. For the FTTO- and FTTD-concepts MICROSENS has developed cost optimised multiport converter which reduce the overall costs of central distribution equipment. For the extreme demanding use in industrial environments there are special media converter with robust design and for hat-rail mounting available.

Singleport Converters
Multiport Converters
Modular Converters
Industrial Converters