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New brochure "Building Automation of the Future"

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New product brochure Central Smart Lighting Controller

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Highlights of Light+Building 2018

At our booth in the hall 9.1 we present our IT-based concept Smart Building Solutions. With the help of MICROSENS intelligent networking technology, we merge the IT and building automation worlds completely.

At this trade fair booth, we set up a walk-in office installation to demonstrate the application example "Smart Office". Here, we show our innovative concept for office and lighting automation using intelligent networking technology. In addition, we present a comprehensive portfolio of products from the business unit "Network Components".

Smart Building Solutions
With the new business unit "Smart Building Solutions", we translate our experience from 25 years of networking technology into building automation. The declared goal: the digitalisation of automation processes in the entire building. After achieving successes already in the field of automation with "Smart Lighting" and "Smart Office", a new division was opened up with "Smart Building Solutions", which resolutely pursues the philosophy of an intelligent building across industries.

Network Components
In the field of "Network Components", the focus lies on high-performance components for data transmission. No matter whether in harsh environments, in the office and workplace, or between carrier and customer networks – MICROSENS develops future-proof fiber optic technology for application-specific solutions.

Product Highlights

Central Smart Lighting Controller - Central IP constant current source for 24 LED luminaires

MICROSENS extends its IP-based lighting solution "Smart Lighting" by a central LED constant current source. Particularly for scenarios with a large number of networked luminaires, the 'Central Smart Lighting Controller' facilitates installation, maintenance, and reconstruction.

Smart Lighting by MICROSENS is a decentralised, IP-based lighting solution for intelligent buildings. Here, standard network cables supply both electricity and information for energy-saving, dimmable LED lighting. This reduces the installation effort compared to conventional networked lighting solutions, since it is not necessary to carry out a separate and cost-intensive installation of a 230-V supply and control bus. Standardised twisted-pair cables provide up to 50W per luminaire. Integrated monitoring ensures a uniform generation of light and flicker-free dimming.

Presence detectors are connected via up to four sensor bus inputs, light switches and other sensors or actors are wirelessly integrated into the system (EnOcean and IP500). The controller fits into any 19″ rack or ceiling suspension for optimal accessibility. This makes it easy to extend or maintain the lighting installation. You can find additional information in the brochure Central Smart Lighting Controller (PDF 666KB).

microRTS – MICROSENS Switches Merge PLC Technology with the IT World

With its PLC software ‘microRTS’, MICROSENS integrates the automation layer into the network infrastructure. Installed on the Ethernet switches, the software replaces conventional PLC systems and supports IEC 61131-3-compliant programming through its ‘microSys’ engineering tool.

The virtual automation solution by MICROSENS replaces increasingly rigid, conventional automation concepts of the past with flexibly scalable software. Following the integration of room automation, MICROSENS now also fully integrates the automation layer into the Ethernet infrastructure using microRTS. All PLC control features are now supported by microRTS. After lighting, air conditioning, and security technology, industrial and building automation applications can now also be implemented directly within the IP network.

microRTS provides building planners with maximum flexibility and planning reliability. By integrating the automation layer into the network, the classical sections at work are reallocated and minimised within the building plan. More information…

Smart I/O Controller – Integration of sensors and actuators into the IP World

The PoE-powered module permits the integration of any device directly on the sensor-actor layer into the IP infrastructure of modern buildings. This makes it even possible to directly address legacy field devices in the IP network by means of modern control options.

Up to now, the most convenient way to integrate non-IP-capable devices was to use wireless communication. With the Smart I/O Controller, MICROSENS has developed an option to control even analogue devices directly via Ethernet in the automation system. As the devices are powered via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE+), it is not necessary to install a control BUS or additional power cables. With this new product, MICROSENS closes a technical gap and offers a building automation solution without interface problems which is completely networked over IP.

The MICROSENS Smart I/O Controller is used both to detect sensor signals and to address and control automation actors. It is offered with input and output ports for digital and analogue signals and closes the gap between analogue devices and IP-based building automation.

One Smart I/O Controller has 8 inputs (4 analogue / 4 digital) and 4 outputs (2 analogue / 2 digital). Two analogue inputs are PT100/PT1000-compatible sensor ports. Thanks to PoE+ technology, the Smart I/O Controller is directly powered over the network. More information...

Smart Building Manager Software

With the Smart Building Manager (SBM), MICROSENS introduces the next generation of a building management system. The software forms a central point of integration for all types of devices and services included in building automation.

Facility managers can perfectly display a distributed automation solution in their building using the Smart Building Manager. From one central point, all components such as sensors and actuators are managed. In addition to displaying the building infrastructure (buildings, floors, rooms), the system collects all relevant sensor and process data.

The availability and visualisation of prepared data helps the facility manager to make the correct decisions regarding the resource consumption, the adjustment of comfort levels (room temperature, CO2 concentration, humidity), and predictive maintenance.

Economic aspects such as capacity or use of space, information about frequently visited areas of the building(s), as well as security issues (motion detection, window closure monitoring) can also be assessed accordingly.

MICROSENS Network solutions at SECURE! Connected Security in Buildings

A particular highlight at the Light + Building 2018 is the special show “SECURE! Connected Security in Buildings”. Nowadays, an increasing fusion is taking place of security systems with other industries of building technology, which have been largely self-sufficient. The overlap between the trades plays a central role here. Based on the three typical application scenarios hotel, office, and industry, more than 40 exhibitors present the numerous features of safety technology.

Visitors of SECURE! can convince themselves live of the smooth interaction of security and building technology. MICROSENS provides the foundation for this and presents the complete network infrastructure of all three areas: hotel, office, and industry. The various components of the automation, such as light or ventilation control, are linked to those of the security technology such as access control or PoE cameras. In the sectors office and hotel, the intelligent Smart Lighting solution by MICROSENS is additionally installed. Depending on the scenario, emergency situations such as a burglary or a fire are responded to at regular intervals.

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