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Broschure Optical Transport Platform

This broschure offers you an overview about our Optical Transport Platform.


Optical Transport Platform MSP 3000

The MICROSENS Optical Transport Platform MSP 3000 provides scalable high performance networking solutions with an extended life cycle. Due to its modular design the transfer capacity of the MICROSENS Optical Transport Platform can easily grow with the ever increasing demand for new bandwidth of modern businesses and telecommunication providers, without the need to install additional costly fiber optic routes.

Demand-oriented expansion of bandwidth capacities

Because of its modular design, the MICROSENS Optical Transport Platform MSP 3000 enables businesses to upgrade the transfer capacities of their fiber optic routes incrementally and based on the actual customer demand. Thus, businesses and operators are able to keep the ideal balance between future-readiness and investment cost, while always staying flexible. If new locations have to be added to the network, or additional data centers need to be interconnected, the MICROSENS Optical Transport Platform can easily cope with these challenges and increase bandwidth capacities up to several 100 Gbps.

Paving the way to more cost efficiency with SMART technologies

The MICROSENS Optical Transport Platform MSP 3000 is designed to reliably deliver high amounts of data with an optimal cost-per-bit ratio. The system achieves an excellent relation of transmission capacity to total cost of ownership (TCO) by incorporating a combination of SMART technologies that lowers overall operational cost and capital expenditure.

Technical advantages

  • Efficient Green-IT technology – advanced single-chip technology achieves a cost reduction of up to 25 percent compared to most multi-chip solutions.
  • Enhanced interoperability with legacy systems (SONET/SDH) ensures a reliable operation of WDM-technology on SONET/SDH infrastructure via native- or foreign wavelength
  • Hut-Skipping technology reduces the number of units needed for signal regeneration (up to 300 km reach without inline optical amplifiers) and lowers operational cost and infrastructure spending
  • Single fiber transmission of up to 128 bi-directional 10G services over one fiber line lowers the leasing cost for dark fiber by up to 50 percent
  • Multirate technology – simultaneous transmission of different protocols (Ethernet, SDH, Fibre Channel) and data rates (100 Mbps – 10 Gbps) over a single wavelength. Lowers – depending on the network structure - the spending for aggregation infrastructure and network operation of up to 60 percent
  • Next-Generation FEC (Forward Error Correction) achieves a optical signal gain of up to 10-12 dB instead of the usual 6 dB. Therefore, lowering the spending on dispersion fiber and providing better latency

MICROSENS Optical Transport Platform

7 U Chassis  (19 Modulslots) and 2 U Chassis (5 Modulslots)

Quadruple 4G Repeater 
Multirate 3R Repeatermodul 
10G Long-Haul - Transponder and Repeater
10G LAN/WAN Protokollwandler  

TDMs Multiplexer-Cards
10G 8-channel Gigabit TDM 
8 port multi-protocol, multi-rate TDM Multiplexer Module  
10G 4-channel HD-SDI Video TDM 
10G 4-channel STM-1 TDM  
10G 4-channel STM-16 TDM  
10G 5-channel 2G Fibre Channel TDM  
1G 3-channel SD-SDI Video TDM 
2 port GbE/FC TDM Multiplexer Module  
other TDM-Modules

Optical Amplifier

Passive/reconfigurable Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
8 channel CWDM MUX/DeMUX 
Passive Multiplexer, OADMs and Coupler
Reconfigurable OADM 

10G auf 4x 2,5G Invers-Multiplexer 
Optical Dispersioncompensation