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Broschure Data Center Interconnect

This brochure gives a short overview about our solutions for Data Centers


Data Center Interconnect

Today, data centers are indispensable hubs of modern communication, where many important business processes converge. They house systems of critical importance for the company such as distributed databases, virtualized environments and data storage and are thus subject to the strictest requirements regarding security and malfunction redundancy.

The connection of data centers is assuming increasing importance in this context. This is due to modern geo-redundancy concepts requiring a high performance network infrastructure between the individual data center (DC) locations, in order to guarantee rapid restoration times.

As a German developer and manufacturer of high-performance fiber optic systems and an experienced specialist for optical multiplexing, MICROSENS offers regional proximity, innovative products and professional consultation through experienced and specialised engineers. In close cooperation with operators of data centers, institutions and companies, MICROSENS enables economical networking concepts with a complete solution offering in WDM and innovative TDM over WDM technology.

Where conventional MPLS concepts bound to providers quickly reach their economical and technical limits, optical multiplexing offers scalable transmission capacities, extended distance and low latency.

The connection of data centers with DWDM technology creates new flexibility within the data center group and overcomes the capacity threshold of location-related limitations. Optical wavelength-division multiplexing thus plays a key role in the optimization of data center processes.

The high dependence on always available IT-systems for the business as well as legal regulations concerning conformity and strict testing criteria put the traditional concept of single, centralised data centers more and more into question.

This is because the narrow corridors for system availability and restart times resulting from professional bodies such as ITIL or Sarbannes Oxley can often only be realised by geographically distributed data centers.

The ability to network is one of the key factors in raising productivity and cost efficiency in data center operations. With the scalable Optical Transport Platform from MICROSENS, operators of data centers are offered a future-proof basis for constantly increasing bandwidth requirements.

In the process, failure safety and redundancy are just as important as long term financial acceptability in the context of IT-cost planning.

Due to their spatial proliferation along motorways or railway lines, fiber optic lines offer a big target for physical attacks. The optical medium itself may be the target of such attacks, but the monitoring outlets of optical transmission systems are also at risk.

Cryptographic real time processes protect storage data and payloads against access by third parties. Optical security solutions offer an affordable alternative for detecting the manipulation of fiber optic lines.