Passive Filter / Optical Multiplexer

For the combination and separation of optical channels with different wavelengths MICROSENS offers a myriad of passive components. This can be interpreted in the form of an insertion module for the integrated application within the optical platforms or as an external 19" unit.

There are modules for CWDM and DWDM technology with tuned channel number offered. The portfolio includes simple two-channel coupler, optical add / drop modules, mux / DeMUX solutions up to 40 channels and reconfigurable multiplexers (ROADMs).

MUX/DeMUX CWDM passif 8 canaux  

Le module Multiplexeur / Démultiplexeur passif est fondé sur le Multiplexage en longueurs d'onde optiques (WDM) de la grille CWDM (ITU G.694.2).


8 Channel CWDM MUX/DeMUX module for MSP 3000  

The new passive 8 Channel CWDM Multiplexer is designed as a plug-in module rounding off the lower end of the MSP 3000 Platform. A compact, active 8...

Passive 8 Channel CWDM MUX/DeMUX Rack Unit  

With its well-established CWDM technology, the passive optic multiplexer is capable of broadcasting up to eight independent optical transmission...