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Brochure Efficient Transmission Solutions for Research & Education

This brochure gives you an overview about our solutions for the Research & Education sector. 

Efficient Transmission Solutions for Research & Education

Excellence in research and education requires a modern technical foundation. Every year, the volume of data transmitted over research networks increases by around 40 percent. These growing amounts of data are the result of more frequent interinstitutional cooperation and of virtualisation’s progressively larger role in research and education. 

As a German developer and manufacturer of high-performance fiber optic devices, MICROSENS offers regional proximity, innovative products and professional consultation. They work in close cooperation with a wide variety of educational institutions to implement all manner of comprehensive solutions. These projects range from future-proof in-house Fiber To The Office networks - which are especially suited to sensitive laboratory areas - to high-performance intercampus networks with CWDM/DWDM technology for research networks and universities.

Modern “blended learning” educational concepts are closely linked to the availability of substantial media and new communication methods. As they expand their medial infrastructure, more and more university and school libraries are turning into media centers with comprehensive access to digitalised content. The increasing data volumes quickly push ordinary copper-based infrastructure concepts to their limits — in terms of both data transmission capacities and cost efficiency.

The MICROSENS FTTO concept combines the advantages of high-performance fiber optic networking with the flexibility of copper-based twisted pair connection technology. With FTTO, colleges and institutions gain a future-proof network topology with low operating costs and high transmission capacities.

Even before the comprehensive restructuring of college and university funding, institution heads were under serious budget pressures which were far removed from any excellence initiatives or higher education pacts. 

MICROSENS offers an expansion concept that, unlike laying additional cable or even completely replacing the cabling network, allows for step-by-step ("pay-as-you-grow") expansion of connectivity. MICROSENS Micro Switches can help institutes of higher education plan their capital expenditures with greater flexibility. Selective capacity expansion for individual building sections or storeys can be divided up among several different budgets. This stepwise expansion method also keeps disruptions of daily operations to a minimum. 

With the MICROSENS optical transmission system, research and educational institutions can lay crucial groundwork for the successful establishment of virtual research teams. High-performance CWDM/DWDM transmission networks allow users quick access to their joint database regardless of their location - creating a solid basis for scientific success.

Thanks to its modular setup, the MICROSENS Optical Transport Platform allows users to adjust the capacities of their network to their present needs, using fiber optic lines with up to 100 Gbps per transmission channel. Research institutions and facilities can balance their bandwidth needs with their investment levels while retaining flexibility in terms of their future transmission capacities.  

The ability to power network terminal devices via Power-over-Ethernet also provides educational institutions with important advantages. With PoE, access points to area-wide wireless networking and VoIP telephony can be supplied with power effectively and cost-efficiently. 

MICROSENS offers a central power-supply concept for this application, a concept that uses redundant construction to raise total availability while also allowing exact dimensioning of the necessary capacity. 

Central power-supply systems can be constructed with some redundancy and also buffered with battery power (UPS). MICROSENS offers especially compact solutions with high power density.