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Efficient Fiber Optic Solutions for Airports

This brochures gives a short overview about our solutions for airports.


Efficient Fiber Optic Solutions for Airports

The airport industry has had to meet a plethora of challenges over the last few years. Economic decline, increasing taxation, new environmental regulations and rising fuel costs have put pressure on most of the aviation industry’s means of revenues. These circumstances have challenged airport managers to find new ways to ensure greater efficiency and establish an overall leaner cost structure. High performance networks play a major role on the way to new fields of modern airport management. Driving these high performance networks requires the use of modern-day fiber optic cable solutions. 

MICROSENS is one such company that can support the industry in decision making to increase the profitability of network infrastructures. It can be easily achieved by installing fiber optic based systems, such as Fiber To The Office to save valuable space for wiring closets, increase non-aeronautical revenues and lower overall IT cost. As a German developer and manufacturer of high performance fiber optic solutions and components, MICROSENS has already achieved the installation of a multitude of projects with airport operators all over the world due to our reliable products and high end consulting capabilities.

Start with a future-proofed Fiber to the Office in-house network architecture, through the conceptualizing of inter-building networks, based on high performance 100G+ transmission technology.

The demands put on information infrastructures are increasing with added financial pressures. Therefore, long-term economic solutions with higher scalability become evermore important for airport operators. Choosing the right network architecture is the essential building block for a long-term competitive IT infrastructure with operational efficiency.

FTTO easily bridges the high distances of large airports with horizontal fiber optic wiring, while saving valuable space for wiring closets and cable trunks, ensuring flexibility in terms of cabling length limitations and delivered bandwidth, thus reducing overall cost.

FTTO provides the ideal basis for the increasing bandwidth needs of modern airport operations. All modern IT based airport information systems are heavily relying on a resilient network infrastructure. In addition, new demands like IP based systems are steadily increasing and growing data volumes have to be handled by the network infrastructure.

Through the use of extended fiber optic cabling, the FTTO solution ensures enhanced life cycle, maximum performance and an excellent cost-per-bit ratio.

The Industrial Ethernet solution of MICROSENS helps airport managers to keep operational costs at balance while ensuring service excellence. More and more technologic solutions all over the airport currently control and consolidate tens of thousands of process data daily. Particularly systems in rough environments like baggage handling, outdoor surveillance and moving aprons for passengers have high requirements regarding technical stability. Also for facility management reliable supervisory and data acquisition is essential to ensure maximum availability of air conditioning and power supply systems.

With the optical multiplexing solutions of MICROSENS, airport operators can safeguard their productivity by delivering the data volumes needed for modern converged networks with ease. New technologies such as IP surveillance and VoIP telephony have driven the bandwidth requirements of airports to a point, where traditional Gigabit Ethernet (1 Gbps) backbone structures reached their capacity limits quickly.

The optical transport network is an easy to implement solution that multiplicates the bandwidth capacities for existent fiber optic wiring at a fraction of investment costs of laying new fiber routes.