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Smart Office – Building Automation Unlimited MICROSENS develops concepts for intelligent buildings

Hamm, 18. January 2017 -  From the surveillance camera to air-conditioning: In modern office buildings, intelligent systems communicate with smart things – provided that they are networked with each other. The euromicron subsidiary MICROSENS offers its Smart Office building automation solution for precisely this purpose. This solution for the digital building is based on the standard IP protocol, modularly extensible, and secure.

Telephony, IT, heating control, lighting, or shading: If things and systems in the building are meant to take over common tasks, this calls for convergence. Creating gateways between different types of networks, however, is work-intensive and expensive – provided that such network couplings are feasible, in the first place. IP-based building automation creates intelligent buildings. With its "Smart Office" concept, the Hamm-based company MICROSENS has taken a path-breaking direction in the field of building automation: in-house technology goes IT.

Programming the future with MicroApps
On the basis of intelligent, decentralised switches, it is possible to address any building technology element in a network. So-called MicroApps – which are control programs running on the switches – permit the interaction with these elements. States can be captured, evaluated, and controlled. No matter whether data or illumination, audio-streaming or in-house technology – any element which has an IP address can be controlled in the IT network. This interaction gives rise to a decentralised concept with almost unlimited options: "Smart Office – unlimited". "Anything which can be programmed can also be implemented via MicroApps," explains Hannes Bauer, co-founder and technical director of MICROSENS, who is responsible for product development.

Scalable and secure
Existing units and systems can easily be integrated into an IP-based environment – a so-called Automation Gateway takes over the integration process  by means of a data network or wireless communication. The connection is possible room-by-room. At the same time, the modular setup ensures the security of the system: Each room constitutes an autonomous unit. In this way, it is assured that only minor units will break down in the case of a failure and that the company will be able to continue its operations. In terms of security, the IP-based solution has gained the competitive edge, anyway. For no other network, there are such well-tested and reliable security standards.

Paradigm shift
The spirit of the Internet of Things has got out of the bottle – and we start to divine how many things an intelligent building could be able to do. If the lift is already called when checking in at the car park, if the illumination and heating are set individually, as soon as the employee reaches the workplace. If the conference room is air-conditioned as soon as the calendar indicates a meeting, if unused floors remain dark. Then, technology will be converted into benefit. Optical fibers, motherboards, and storage chips will help to save energy and the time to do the really important things. "This is great fun," says an enthusiastic Hannes Bauer. "With our customers, we talk about the things which save their resources and make their companies more productive and secure. This is smart."

Since 1993, MICROSENS GmbH & Co. KG has been standing for fiber optic solutions. As one of the pioneers of fiber optic transmission systems, the internationally active company covers all performance sectors of fiber optic technology. Starting with solutions for future-proof office networking and high-availability in rough environments, the product portfolio ranges from large-scale site networking and interconnection of computing centers up to high-performance Wide Area Networks (WANs). In all these fields of application, MICROSENS provides and ensures efficient, fast, and secure data transfer. As an internationally successful manufacturer, MICROSENS distributes its products on a worldwide scale. In addition to the company headquarters in Hamm in Westphalia (Germany), MICROSENS also has sales subsidiaries in France and Poland to optimally fulfil the diverse requirements of its customers on-site.

About euromicron
euromicron AG ( that unites medium-sized high-tech companies from the fields of Digital Buildings, Critical Infrastructures and Smart Industry. As a German specialist for the Internet of Things, euromicron enables its customers to network business and production processes and successfully move to a digital future. From design and implementation, operation, to related services – euromicron implements customized solutions and creates the IT, network and security infrastructures required for them. As a result, euromicron lets its customers migrate existing infrastructures gradually to the digital age. euromicron’s expertise helps the company’s customers increase their agility and efficiency, as well as develop new business models that lay the foundation for commercial success down the road. The technology group is headquartered in Frankfurt/Main, has been listed on the stock exchange since 1998 and employs around 1,800 people at 30 locations. The euromicron Group comprises a total of 14 subsidiaries, including the brand names Elabo, LWL-Sachsenkabel, MICROSENS and telent. euromicron AG generated total sales of €345 million in fiscal year 2015.